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Get a highlight and a full documentary in less than 14 days.
No prepayments. Pay for the complete edit you like.

Heather & Dana Wedding Highlight
Wedding video editing service - Wededit.pro

What you get

  • Wedding videos editing

    High-quality editing

    We match the editing style of your company. All edits are done by our professional wedding editors.

  • Attention to details from Wededit.pro Company

    Attention to details

    Each project passes several stages of revisions before you see your first edit.

  • Quick turnaround - Wededit.pro Company

    Quick turnaround

    We’ll take care of editing, so you can shoot more weddings. Single projects take us from 7 to 14 days to complete edit.

  • Adobe Premiere project - Wededit.pro Company

    Adobe Premiere project

    You can send us proxy media, and then you will get an adobe premiere project after edit is done. Just relink media and render master files.

  • 8 min highlight | cinematic, stylized, time-shifting, sound bites, slow-mo
  • 1 min teaser
  • 8 min highlight | cinematic, stylized, time-shifting, sound bites, slow-mo
  • 7 min highlight | sound bites, slow-mo, heavy time-shifting
  • 4 min highlight | cinematic, stylized, time-shifting, sound bites, slow-mo
  • 7 min highlight | cinematic, stylized, time-shifting, sound bites, slow-mo
  • 8 min highlight | cinematic, stylized, time-shifting, sound bites, slow-mo

Our work

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*for all the videos we share this way we have explicit consent to share privately.
Professional wedding video editing

How to turn a week long edit into a 10 min task?

  • Upload your file - Wededit.pro


    Upload your footage via dropbox or any other cloud. Fill in a simple form on wededit.pro. Provide a few notes specific to the projects.

  • Relax while we are doing editing a wedding video for you

    Relax while we're editing for you

    Relax. Relax while Wededit.pro is working Don’t worry about the result, you will pay only for the complete edit you like. Feel good knowing that your editing is in good hands.

  • Download your edited wedding video

    Download completed work

    Check out the completed work, make a payment and download the final files. Send them to your client. Move on to the next project Move on to the next video project - Wededit.pro

Some facts about Wededit.pro

Some facts about us

We started as a wedding video production studio and learned all the processes from the inside. That’s why we’re able to make amazing wedding video edits for our clients from all over the world.

  • 70+ completed wedding projects - Wededit.pro

    More than 100 completed wedding projects

  • 85% wedding projects without revisions - Wededit.pro

    Projects without any revisions

  • 11 Wededit.pro Studios

    Studios in the USStudios in the USA - Wededit.pro and CanadaStudios in Canada - Wededit.pro

    already trust us their edits

Our clients say - Wededit.pro

Our clients say

  • Reviews about wedding editors in Wededit.pro
    Toronto, ON

    I’m impressed 👍 Really professional wedding video editing. We shot a lot of footage with Sony and Red cameras and got a great cinematic highlight. 🎬 You guys are very skilled in editing wedding videos.

  • Reviews about wedding editors in Wededit.pro
    Denver, CO

    Found you on facebook by chance when I was a pro in editing a wedding video already. To be honest, I was rather skeptical but I decided to try and send you raw files.
    The edited highlight was awesome! 👍 No corrections needed. Very cool music choices. Thank you guys, you really make editing magic! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Reviews about wedding editors in Wededit.pro
    New York, NY

    Amazing job! Wedding turned out great, can’t wait to send you more. I’m uploading the next one to Dropbox as we speak!  Thanks so much! Amazing job

  • Reviews about wedding editors in Wededit.pro
    Phoenix, AZ

    WOW. Both weddings are PHENOMINAL!! Blown away, once again. You are THE BEST! Thank you SO MUCH  Phenomenal editing wedding videos

  • Reviews about wedding editors in Wededit.pro
    Pittsburgh, PA

    I’m Extremely happy with the video. Thank you for everything!

Wedding video editing services

Choose what works for you best

1-2 Camera editing package from Wededit.pro


  • Trailer | 1 min | $100
  • Highlight | 5-8 min | $500
  • Feature film | 10-20 min | $750
  • Documentary edit | 1-2 hours | $400-$500

  • Color correction
  • 2 rounds of revisions
  • No prepayments
Multi-camera editing package from Wededit.pro


special offer $ 900
$ 750 /project
  • 5-8 min Highlight
    (sound bites of vows and toasts included)
  • Documentary Edit. All Events
  • 1 min Instagram trailer
  • Color correction
  • 2 rounds of revisions
  • No prepayments.
    Pay after you like it
Most popular
Custom editing package from Wededit.pro



Send us your project, provide the requirements and we’ll send you a quote.

To contact us or request bulk prices you can fill the form below, or send us an email at info@wededit.pro
 Whichever you prefer Send us an email at info@wededitpro.com


Frequently asked questions

Read carefully the answers to the most frequently asked questions of users and if you fail to find the answer reach us via chat or the contact form below.
  • Can you edit following my style?

    Yes, we can. If you give us your video references, our film editors will make everything possible to match your style. You may need to provide us with a detailed feedback for the first edit or two but after that most of our clients just send us a raw footage link and a message like: “Same as for the previous edit, please”.Can you edit following my style? - Wededit.pro Our mission is to provide the best wedding video editing services for our clients.

  • How can I send you raw footage?

    There are 2 ways to send us the raw footage:
    1. Upload it via Dropbox.com or any other cloud services and send us the link.
    2. Mail us a hard drive.

    If you choose dropbox, you can download the Dropbox app, set it up on your computer then just drag&drop raw footage to your Dropbox folder and it will start synchronizing. After uploading is complete, send us the link to the Dropbox file.

    You can also use any other file sharing service. Dropbox is just known as one of the most convenient ones.

    If you’ve got 3 and more projects to edit, or have low speed internet connection, you can send a hard drive to our US or Canadian address.

  • Can I send you a hard drive?

    Yes, our wedding video editing service provides hdd shipping.
    If you’ve got 3 and more projects to edit, or have low speed internet connection, you can send a hard drive to our US or Canadian address.

  • Is this private?

    Yes, sure. We will never share your files with anybody outside our organization without your explicit consent.

  • Can I send you music with raw footage?

    We can select the music for your project but it would be great if you send us some music that you or your clients would prefer to have in the final edited video. If you have your own wedding music database you can send it to us and we’ll choose the best songs for each additional project. Also we can use music from musicbed.com

  • What software do you use?

    We use Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Final Cut Pro X.

  • If I need to make any corrections in the project, what should I do?

    After edit is done, we will send you a frame.io link to your video to confirm. To make corrections and comments, you need just to click ‘pause’ and start typing your text in a special window. That’s all. We’ve got your correction indicating the exact timecode.

  • How many revisions do you provide?

    Our wedding video editing service provides two rounds of revisions, but usually it does not require more than one 😉

  • What if I need edits after the project has been approved?

    We store your wedding video edit for 2 months. It includes the raw footage and the project file. Once we understand what edits are needed we’ll make them ASAP or provide a quote.

  • How can I pay when the project is done?

    You can pay via PayPal. Also you can pay via ACH & Direct Deposit. After Edit is done, we send you an email with various payment options.

  • Is my footage safe?

    Yes, sure. We may ask to include it in our online portfolio and will only do so with your permission.

  • Do you work with RED Raw Footage?

    Yes, we’ve got an experience to work with RED R3D files. We love each wedding video edit with Red footage we made🙂

  • My footage isn’t that good, can you fix it?

    The quality of the final video depends a lot on the footage quality. But the wedding video editor will do his best to get the great final result.

  • What turnaround do you provide?

    Our wedding video editing service provides turnaround of 14 business days. But if you plan sending us 4-6 projects per month, then it will take about 7 business days per project.

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